Mister Rhino

Protected by our house from poaching that affects its species, Mister Rhino lives free and happy in our collection. Powerful, symbol of firmness and ferocity, Mister Rhino has always been recognized as the leader of his herd and a reference of courage in the savannah. The contrast of the shiny walnut wood and calata stone that beautifies his body accentuating its luxury and vigor while the golden painting gives him an enviable uniqueness. The small brass details make him a really unusual piece.

Clean & Care – Dry Cloth
Customization – Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


Dimensions 216 × 68 × 87 cm
Materials and Finishes -

Calacata-Gold Marble, Golden Lacquer, Golden Metal, Walnut Wood, White Lacquer

Calacata-Gold Marble
Golden Lacquer
Golden Metal
Walnut Wood
White Lacquer
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Mister Rhino (22.1127)

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