Mister Domenico

Mister Domenico is a masterpiece with tiles panels and pine bark details that perfectly reflect the heritage of the Portuguese culture. Elegant and robust, Mister Domenico dresses with golden details to parade his beauty at the gala of his life. His poplar root suit, brushed with high gloss finishing, contrasts with the colors of his tiles  to create an elegant and sophisticated look worthy of a high society member.

Clean & Care – Dry Cloth
Customization – Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


Dimensions 90 × 42 × 162 cm
Materials and Finishes -

Black Lacquer, Cement Lacquer, Golden Lacquer, Pine Bark Wood, Poplar Root Veneer, Portuguese Tile

Black Lacquer
Cement Lacquer
Golden Lacquer
Pine Bark Wood
Poplar Root Veneer
Portuguese Tile
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Mister Domenico (22.1119)

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