Mister Barkwood I

Surely, at your home, you’ve already received a visit of MisteaSurely, at your home, you’ve already received a visit of Mister Barkwood. The humble postman wouldn´t dared enter in but many of your letters were delivered by him in your mailbox. Mister Barkwood has been postman for many decades, and throughout his life he has delivered exciting news worthy of celebration as well as sadder announcements. His serenity and smile made Mister Barkwood a very respected and well-received gentleman. It was a piece of furniture that brought together the most perfect details of nature and the beauty of details in a vibrant and authentic design. He is finished in pine bark lacquered in grey, white and ironwood, it conveye a serenity and balance that just Mister Barkwood allows us to feel.r Barkwood.

Clean & Care – Dry Cloth
Customization – Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


Dimensions 200 × 88 × 45 cm
Materials and Finishes -

Black Lacquer, Dark Gray Lacquer, Ironwood veneer, Light Gray Lacquer, Pine Bark Wood, White Lacquer

Black Lacquer
Dark Gray Lacquer
Ironwood veneer
Light Gray Lacquer
Pine Bark Wood
White Lacquer
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Mister Barkwood I (44.001.0200)

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