Miss Olive II

Since she was a little girl, Miss Aqua I has always shown a special talent for caring and treating everyone around her. When she grew up, she decided to join one of the largest universities in the country and became a leading doctor. She volunteered in several countries in the tropics where she saved many people lives. This professional and, even more, emotional experience is seen in her Afizélia Pachlova’s exotic wood characteristics and her white lacquered details are the reflex of a lifetime in service wearing the white lab uniform.

Clean & Care – Dry Cloth
Customization – Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


Dimensions 130 × 75 × 50 cm
Materials and Finishes -

Black Lacquer, Green tea Lacquer, Olive wood

Black Lacquer
Green tea Lacquer
Olive wood
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Miss Olive II (41.007.0120)

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