Miss Hilma

Miss Hilma has a beautiful story to tell you. One day, as if by magic, She was bewitched and transformed from a traditional table into a luxurious decorative piece. When she looked in the mirror, she was sturdily built, with the finesse of high-quality poplar root and pine bark detailing. Her light tone contrasts perfectly with the black lacquered legs and golden finishing.

Clean & Care – Dry Cloth
Customization – Possibility to Customize Sizes and Colors


Dimensions 200 × 110 × 80 cm
Materials and Finishes -

Black Lacquer, Golden Lacquer, Pine Bark Wood, Poplar root leaf, Portuguese Tile

Black Lacquer
Golden Lacquer
Pine Bark Wood
Poplar root leaf
Portuguese Tile
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Miss Hilma (22.1120)

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